Village, Jehangira

About Jehangira

Jehangira is a town and Union Council of Swabi District in the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan.

According to the British record of 1871, Jehangir Khan was the founder of Jehangira town. In the beginning it was known as "Jehangir village" and then became famous as "Jehangira".

Geographically, River Kabul dividing this town in to two Union councils and two districts. Eastern union council is under Sawabi District, while the western is under Nowshera District.

Majority of the people of eastern part are AWANS, YUSUFZI and Khattak; most of them are belong to agriculture. The western part is a commercial zone famous for marble industries and Kabab (famous food), etc. Markets, industries, bus stands and railway station boosts the familiarity of the western part.

A Famous Tomb of Sheikh Baba is situated in the Eastern Part of the City and is called "Mohallah Sheikh Baba". In 1834 a Hindu "Baniya" was converted into Islam by the famous religious family of the town called Haji Azim Family. Baba Jee lived there untill his death. Haji Muhammad Azim Khan of the Village Jehangira, Mohallah Sheikh Abad is presently taking care of the Tomb and adjacent mosque for its maintenances and preservations etc. An annual "URS" is celebrated each year on 12th Rabiul Awal on the Mazar Of Sheikh Baba. A large number of people gather there and get blessed on the occassion.




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